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I've worked with Sally on a number of issues ranging from physical ailments to my love life and self-confidence. In just a couple sessions, we've cleared up blocks that have held me back in love relationships, lifted depression I was going through this year, boosted my self-confidence and increased my happiness level. I'm able to speak my truth now whereas during my entire life I felt held back and reserved. I've noticed other changes in my life that I can only attribute to our work together, such as the absence of spring allergies this year. They're gone and I don't know where they went! I used to take allergy pills from March through October every y ear. It's May 12 and I haven't had any symptoms!  After we removed blocks that have affected generations on my dad's side of the family,  I've noticed my father's depression has lifted and he is his former self again from his 60's even though he has cancer in remission and is in his late 80s now. I truly believe our work together has released blocks from my father because of removing inherited emotions from him and I am forever grateful for all the positive changes for me and my family. I am grateful for Sally's sincere respect and caring for her clients.


It's a joy working with Sally and I wholeheartedly recommend Sally to anyone who has current or long-standing emotional, physical, or mental blocks that they haven't been able to resolve. This process is quick, pleasant and effective.


I am deeply grateful for the remarkable healing sessions I had with Sally. We covered a lot of ground in just three sessions, including physical pain, limiting beliefs and strengthening organ and gland function.  Since then, I am feeling incredible! As a fellow energy worker, I had in mind of what to expect and Sally exceeded them all. She goes above and beyond! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sally, who is very thorough, compassionate, and intuitive. I will happily an wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.~ Shannon Staples

change your thoughts change your world

I was struggling with feeling overwhelmed. The few Body Code sessions I had with Sally really shifted things for me and lessened the overwhelm in a big very grateful!

Carmen xo


I was struggling with feeling overwhelmed. The few Body Code sessions I had with Sally really shifted things for me and lessened the overwhelm in a big very grateful!

Carmen xo


I was struggling with feeling overwhelmed. The few Body Code sessions I had with Sally really shifted things for me and lessened the overwhelm in a big very grateful!

Carmen xo


Sally is an incredible divine being. I am honored to call her my friend and healer!  There have been times in my life where I was feeling out of balance, sad, hurt and my heart was closed. Sally would know and her healing work would clear my energy. When she first started working with me I had many heart walls and she was able to support my process of removing the things I held onto which didn't serve my highest good!

Sally's healings are uplifting, cleansing, mind and soul awakening. Her healing assist in changing patterns and moving me forward and out of outdated thought. She is always right on, her years of training, teaching and understanding herself has benefited her as a blessed healer, a healer with great ability. Her abilities are in alignment with God's plan for each of us! She supports my process of cleansing my stuff so I can see more and release the old!

Every time I see her as a client, I joke, I feel lighter and indeed I do, I just released stuff, baggage I didn't need!

I would greatly suggest Sally as a healer in alignment in God's plan for each of us.

Mark Balcer, Energy Touch Healer

Small changes add up to Huge Results

The first time I met with Sally I only hoped she could help me heal. I had met with other doctors and therapists but I continued to suffer from depression and anxiety. Sometimes my anxiety was so severe I could not drive and occasionally I found myself halfway to my destination unable to progress further. Something changed thought, after a few sessions with Sally, the feelings started to clear and I was able to focus my energy back to living my life. Occasionally, those emotions surface, though not as severe and I know I need a session with Sally. Each time it seems we are able to clear more and more of the old and sometimes new negative energy. Truth is many of us store our experience and the emotions that go with them in such a way that we can continue suffering from the negative energy for months even years after the event. We are experts at packing up our emotional baggage and toting it from place to place, but there is hope. Sally will work with you to clear the negative, and she will inspire you to achieve what seems impossible. I have and will continue to strongly recommend Sally to both my clients and friends.

Healing Growth Abundance Purpose

As a medical student, I was initially extremely skeptical of the Emotion Code.  I assume it was another silly pseudoscience concocted purely for profits.  However, after doing some independent research and discussing it more with Sally Carpenter, I felt it at least wouldn't hurt to give it a try. During my first session, all of the readings were spot-on and I began to experience the effects of removing the trapped emotions within a few days. I decided to do one session a week and can honestly say I have been amazed. I can 100% feel a difference inside myself from when Sally began working on me until now. My weekly sessions have truly made an impact on my daily interactions, my demeanor, and my overall emotional health. If you're skeptical about the Emotion Code as I was, just try it! It will certainly change your life.


First of all Sally is one of the most warm and loving souls I have ever met. She's the kind of person you hug right away. Her Body Code and Emotion Code healing work have been such a blessing to me. They have played a role in the way I think, act, and feel about myself.  It gives me hope that healing can be achieved in a natural and spiritual manner. I am familiar with western medicine's approach to healing as a nurse. While it has many benefits an is crucial at times it is not the end all. True healing takes a varied approach. One must fine what works for them. One example of something Sally has helped me with is a mystery virus that wasn't getting better even with trips to the doctor. Sally suggested taking colloidal silver once a day for 7 days would help. It was just what I needed and I was feeling better shortly after. Another thing I have been helped with is realizing that a lot of emotional lessons and challenges have been passed down to me from many generations in my family. Sally has helped me to release this weight an I feel lighter an brighter because of it. Those examples are just a tip of the iceberg. There are many other things Sally has helped me with. I am so grateful for her work. It is truly a calling for her. Thank you so much Sally!  You bless my life and everyone you encounter. Love Rebekah

Here's Is a List  of some of the issues that I have successfully worked with:

DISCLAIMER:  I do not claim to diagnose or cure any medical condition. Information given is not intended to replace advice from your health care provider. If supplements are tested as useful for you I advise you to seek the advice of your Dr. before taking them.

  • Depression               

  • Headaches 

  • PTSD

  • Divorce

  • Back Pain

  • Social Anxiety

  • Fatigue

  • Rape

  • Foster kids

  • Adopted kids

  • Breast Issues

My "Thank You" gift to you  For sharing your testimony - I offer a  $20.00 credit on the purchase of a session or a package.

For Referring someone - I offer a $30.00 credit for each person you refer who pays for a session.

Would you like to Bless someone with a session or a package?  I have gift certificates available!


  • Grief/Losses

  • Infections

  • Fear Issues

  • Past sexual abuse

  • Neck/shoulder pain

  • Kidney Issues

  • Insomnia

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Toxic relationships​

  • Bronchial

  • and much more!

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