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Are you ready to release what is causing your pain or holding you back?
Can you relate to any of these?
  • You feel stressed, overwhelmed, stuck

  • You are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD

  • You have experienced a divorce or a hard breakup 

  • You have experienced a great loss

  • You are facing a health challenge

  • You have gone through some kind of trauma in your life

  • You have had a hard or abusive childhood

  • You have had a miscarriage 

  • You have experienced spiritual, emotional, mental or physical abuse

  • You have had an abortion

  • Your dealing with either your spouse or you having had an affair

  • You seem to be stuck and not able to move forward in life

  • You attract people who use, abuse, or treat you poorly

  • You have been bullied or are the bullier 

If you can relate I am here to help.

Let me show you how the Body Code can find energetic imbalances and release them. Learn More.

It is very gentle, we do not have to bring up your past and talk about it to get it resolved and released.

Read what some of my clients have had to say on my testimonial page.

Emotions contributing to physical pain
Heal Your Pain
Is Depression, PTSD, Anxiety keeping you stuck?

Are you dealing with chronic pain? Are you aware that physical ailments have emotional roots?  


That stress causes physical problems. The American Medical Association states that 75% of all health problems are stress related.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization has concluded that 80% of cancers are due to lifestyles and are not genetic, and they say this is a conservative number (Cancer statistics and views of causes Science News Vol.115, No 2 (Jan.13 1979), p.23). 


(Emotional causes of cancer)

(Stress and Cancer)

(Link to Dr. Caroline Leaf info)


Let me show you how hundreds of others have experienced relief from their pain and stress and improved their life using the Body Code.


(I'm Ready For Relief)


Are you ready for a breakthrough? Would you like to be set free from the depression, anxiety, PTSD that you or a loved one may be experiencing?  

Is a past trauma or loss preventing you from moving forward in your life?

Is your anxiety so bad that you can hardly leave your house?

Are you so hurt by a past event in your life that you are having a hard time enjoying life now?


The Body Code can help,

schedule your free consultation today!


I'm Ready For a Breakthrough!

Broken Heart

Healing your heart

Has your heart been hurt? Are you feeling guarded, like there is a wall up?


There may be,  Dr. Bradly Nelson, founder of the Emotion Code and Body Code says that around 93% of people have a heart wall.  What is a heart wall?  (Find out  more here)  

When we get hurt the subconscious mind creates a wall around our heart to protect us and as we accumulate more hurts through out life it creates a thicker and thicker wall which makes it hard for us to get close to others, to give love and to receive love.

Ways A Heart Wall Can Affect You

  • Creates depression, isolation, anxiety, loneliness

  • It causes distance between you and your loved ones

  • Stops you from living life to your fullest potential

  • Causes physical pain especially in the neck, upper back

  • and shoulders

  • Blocks your ability to give and receive love


Are you ready to heal your heart?

I'm Ready To Heal My Heart


A certain amount of stress is a normal part of life but are you OVER stressed?


Unmanageable stress can be unhealthy and cause physical as well as psychological symptoms.

Eliminate Stress
Stress contributing to physica ailments and pain

What are some of the physical symptoms of stress?


Some common physical symptoms are:

  • headache

  • stomachache

  • sweating

  • fast heartbeat

  • change in appetite

  • muscle tension

  • trouble sleeping

  • fatigue

  • diarrhea

  • shaking

  • suppresses the immune system


Some common emotional and mental symptoms are:


  • difficulty concentrating

  • irrational anger

  • panic attacks

  • nervousness - especially in public

  • People who have stress and anxiety for long periods of time are more likely to develop high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, panic disorders and depression.


One way to handle, get to the root of and resolve stress is through the use of the Body Code, Let me show you how quick and effective the Body Code is!  





DISCLAIMER:  I do not claim to diagnose or cure any medical condition. Information given is not intended to replace advice from your health care provider. If supplements are tested as useful for you I advise you to seek the advice of your Dr. before taking them.

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